• Thomas Gleason

Plants and Trees around the home

Since many people are home due to the current pandemic, this is the perfect opportunity to do some home maintenance.

Today as the sun comes out talk a walk around your property and note the plants, trees and shrubs around your property. Those that are overgrown should be trimmed to become more aesthetically pleasing. Plants and trees within 1 foot of your foundation should be trimmed back. or removed. Consider calling an arborist for larger trees. Keeping trees away from the foundation is critical as tree roots are a common cause of foundation failure. Leading to moisture seepage or even structural collapse.10

Be sure no overhanging branches are interfering with the Chimney, or other rooftop vents. Visually see if any vines or branches are encroaching into your gutters, if they are the vegetation should be removed.

Visually inspect overhead utility lines for branches and consider calling and arborist or your utility company if branches are overhanging the wires. Do not attempt to do this yourself.

Whenever trimming vegetation with an extension pole keep watch for overhead obstructions such as utility and communication lines.

I hope everyone is staying healthy and you enjoy this time with your family,


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