Utilizing Aerial Imaging allows complete views of property and infrastructure. 

Of particular use is our imaging service, with which we utilize a 4k drone to photograph the roof, flashing, exterior siding and other external features to catch damage before it causes any larger issues to the building. 

Give us a call and we can discuss how we can work with your team. 


Our Inspector is licensed through the state of Maryland for all residential inspections. We are a member of International Association of Certified Home Inspectors (InterNACHI)

We use a simple yet enpowering format to complete our inspections allowing our client to have the information they need to make an informed decision on the property they are purchasing or managing



Suitable for Commercial Properties and Residential Properties with 5 or more units

We offer a full commercial inspection following a standard developed with the aid of the InterNachi and ASHI standards.


Aerial Inspections

We utilize unmanned systems to inspect infrastructure in both visual and thermal. We have the ability to view infrastructure from above and below, complete measurements and inspect for damage or overheating equipment

Complete inspections in both Thermal and RGB without risking personnel and equipment through accurate and efficient overflights by a UAS System.



Ensure Compliance with City and County Ordnances

Aerial Forest


Certified by FAA
Fully licensed and Insured

Safety is a top priority and liability will be managed at all times. We follow all FAA standards for flying and maintain strict maintenance schedules and pre-flight and post flight inspections. We operate under the following assumptions while piloting SUAS.

Many SUAS offer “autonomous” capabilities claiming GPS can guide them safely, GPS is more likely to be inaccurate the higher off the ground a SUAS goes and small margins of error during inspections could result in a catastrophic crash, damage to property or worse. In addition GPS can suffer errors due to obstructions in Line of Site, Heat, Atmospheric Pressure, and geomagnetic interference

Our resolution to this is our pilots are fully knowledgeable of these risks and committed to always maintain full control of the SUAS at all times. Ensuring they are aware of the intended flight path of the SUAS at all times and if deviation occurs immediately correct the deviation.

Many SUAS offer obstacle avoidance as a way to ensure autonomous flights do not hit obstacles. Changes in light conditions, pressure, or birds can false trigger these sensors potentially causing an accident

Pilots will fly with full prior planning ensuring the drone does not fly near obstacles. Pilots will rely on safe flying practices, ensuring no unnecessary risks are taken.

Pedestrians may interfere with operations, distracting pilot.

Pilots will fly from non high traffic areas, ensuring all permits are gained when needed. Utilizing lane closures, site closures if needed.



Baltimore, Maryland



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